Video Interpretation for Particularly Vulnerable Patients

The project was completed in 2014

Extension of video interpretation to departments at Odense University Hospital that work with vulnerable patient groups with different ethnic backgrounds than Danish


Video Interpretation has been successfully distributed in the Region of Southern Denmark as part of a three-year national implementation project. However, it has been difficult to implement the technology at the departments working with vulnerable and marginalised patient groups. The intention of this project is, therefore, to launch a special effort aimed at getting these departments to use video interpretation, and to find out what it takes to turn it into a success.



The project's vision is to spread the use of video interpretation so that is applied in wards with particularly vulnerable patients as much as in other departments of OUH.


The project manager will hold a series of meetings with selected departments that do not otherwise use video interpretation, to uncover problems, and to clarify what it takes to solve them. Then assistance will be offered to the selected departments so that tests can be performed in the relevant environments to ensure that the departments get well started and become comfortable and familiar with the technology.


Here the interpreter communicates with the patient and the practitioner:



And here is the mobile equipment shown in the room of the patient and the practitioner:



What is the expected outcome of the project?

The expected outcome of the project is to help selected departments use video interpretation in consultations with their patients and to get it implemented to become part of the daily routines of the wards.


Status of the project

Video interpretation is up and running and is now a great success.

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Eva  Lund

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Center for Innovativ Medicinsk Teknologi

Eva  Lund

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