Secure and Reliable ICT Systems for Telemedicine Applications

Structural identification of needs and opportunities for successful implementation of home health care by means of telemedicine applications


Existing ICT systems are primarily designed and developed with the aim of supporting entertainment applications and do not embrace the security, reliability and availability expected from a wide range of existing or future telemedicine applications.



The project will partly uncover which types of telemedicine experiments that can be performed today with a high probability of success and what it will take for future (thought) processes, and partly uncover how infrastructure can be upgraded/modified in terms of stability, availability and safety for home care patients.


The project will launch a report on the maturity of the Danish ICT platform for telemedicine use and identify opportunities for improvement. The project will simultaneously develop a questionnaire for patients and the health care system in order to quickly clarify whether the infrastructure and the patients are "ripe" for a given home health care service.


The project will simultaneously pursue dialogue with infrastructure providers and different types of health care professionals.


Expected Results

The project partners expect to establish a system at different levels that can reveal which demands a specific telemedicine treatment require from the ICT system, and to create a structured analysis of the patient's existing ICT solution and ICT properties. In addition, they will make a mapping of how complicated and risky it would be to initiate the desired treatment, and whether the treatment can be performed outside the patient's own home - for example at work, with family or in public spaces.

Contact PersonLars 

Lars  Dittmann

Professor, Group Leader

DTU Fotonik, Institut for Fotonik

Email:  LOADEMAIL[ladit]DOMAIN[]


DTU Fotonik, Institut for Fotonik

Lars  Dittmann

Email:  LOADEMAIL[ladit]DOMAIN[]