Robotic Telemedicine Ultrasound

In collaboration with Patient@home, Robotic Ultrasound will implement pilot testing and product maturation of their newly developed solution for ultrasound imaging with a remote-controlled robotic arm


Ultrasound is a widespread and safe method of investigation that often acts as a feasibility study. The investigation is usually performed by a doctor who specialises in diagnostic ultrasound. It is thus specialised personnel and specific skills that are needed in the work, which is, therefore, becoming more and more centralised, as is the case with the coming super hospitals.

Ultrasound imaging performed through telemedicine allows patients to be examined in - or close to - their own home by a specialist with the appropriate skills. At national level telemedicine ultrasound imaging provides the possibility of increased centralisation and specialisation and more lenient treatments for patients, for example, that have difficulty in moving around, since they can now be offered a medical examination in their own home. In a global perspective, telemedicine ultrasound provides an opportunity to improve patient treatments in remote geographic areas and in areas where needed specialists are not available.


Purpose and Vision

The solution from Robotic Ultrasound will be piloted-tested at a Danish hospital in the project period. Based on the trial, a MAST evaluation (Model for the Assessment of Telemedicine) will be performed to document the development areas, potentials and benefits of the solution.


Expected Results

The MAST evaluation will provide impetus for further maturation of the project and its introduction into the Danish market. Robotic Ultrasound's solution has a great export potential, and Patient@home will, therefore, implement and support international activities together with Robotic Ultrasound. The economic benefits of the solution, and well as the importance of the quality towards patients and staff will be elucidated, and thus form the basis for decisions regarding the further development of the solution, and the customer buying the product.

Contact PersonTobias 
                Theodorus Perquin

Tobias  Theodorus Perquin


Teknologisk Institut, Center for Velfærds- og Interaktionsteknologi



Teknologisk Institut, Center for Velfærds- og Interaktionsteknologi

Tobias  Theodorus Perquin



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