Intelligent Headset for Neck Training

The project was completed in 2016

Using intelligent headsets as training stimulus is a novel way of improving the rehabilitation of patients with neck injuries

20150601_IntelligentHeadsetNeck injuries are a well-known ailment

The reason for initiating the project is the fact that many Danes suffer from neck injuries, and many of those receiving chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment are asked to do home exercises, which, if done correctly and regularly, can help patients recover faster.


It is thought that by using the intelligent headset provided by GN the training programmes performed at home will become more interactive, feeding patients with information on the exercises performed via the headset sensors placed on the patients' head and upper body. The headset can also stimulate the patients' motivation by illustrating, for instance, the progress achieved in freedom of movement - i.e. how the path to recovery becomes shorter and shorter.



The aim of the project is to examine the headset's usefulness as a home training tool:

  1. by comparing the headset's sensor values during specific exercises with those of other systems classified to make this type of measurements.
  2. by examining which exercise types are feasible and registerable by the headset, using a series of training exercises recommended by professional neck pain experts.
  3. by developing training programmes (apps) in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals, the objectives being flexible training plans, patient audio feedback, and motivation, to ensure optimal patient training at home.


How far can we get?

The expected result of the project is a recommendation on how to do neck training at home by means of an intelligent headset. It has the potential to change the way therapists think and design home exercises for patients, and, at the same time, give feedback to the therapists on their patients' home training.


The headset is an inexpensive type of equipment, viewed in a treatment-expense context, and available as either rentals from clinics or as purchasable items. The headset works in conjunction with an iOS or Android smartphone, and therefore apps could and should be designed for both platforms.

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