Transfer Instructions Based on Video

In Patient@home, My Video Coach takes the development of a platform with video instructions a step further, which will increase the quality of patient transfers and ease the process for both staff working with patient transfers, and the patients’ relatives.


The Danish demographics and the general health of the Danes are changing. The number of people over the age of 64 is increasing, while the labour force is decreasing. Furthermore, the amount of Danish citizens with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart/vascular diseases is growing.


This leads to increased care needs and thus more person transfers. Transfer of citizens can be a tough job for staff working within the social and healthcare sector, as it means lifting and transferring persons, practical help and care.


Incorrect lifts can lead to costly injuries with sick leave and early retirement as a result. Overload and damage to muscles and skeleton can have serious consequences for both the employees and the workplace. Helpers can avoid many injuries by using the right tools, having the right working posture and not least thorough and accessible instructions on the subject of person transfers which include general, individual, and patient-specific guidelines.


The aim is to develop an app for video documentation of work instructions in the field of transfers and care of citizens in their own homes. The app should be capable of being used by caregivers, relatives, and perhaps the citizens themselves, in the citizens' own homes. In addition to being used in the citizens' own homes, it should be capable of being applied in nursing homes.


  • The app will support common guidelines for transfers and ease the introduction of new transfer procedures.
  • Lengthy instructions are often easier to understand if they are presented in a video rather than on paper.
  • The app will make the citizen maintain his dignity by preventing that the citizen is constantly reminded of his situation.
  • Citizens with contact disturbances do not need to be confronted directly with the employees, but can be supported through the IT tool reducing the number of confrontations.


Project Activities

  • Phase 1: Identification of processes and citizen experiences related to patient transfers, documentation requirements, and staff routines.
  • Phase 2: Design of the solution in cooperation with staff members involved in transfers. The solution must also comply with current law on personal sensitive data and meet current operating requirements laid down by the municipal/regional IT operations departments.
  • Phase 3: Testing and business cases to be performed. The vision is that the solution can be implemented by the department for Adult Disability, Municipality of Aarhus, and then prepared as a business case.


Expected Results

The project will result in a ready-to-use version of My Video Coach app on transfers. The app will support staff members in making correct transfers of citizens. It should also be capable of being used by families participating in the care of the citizen. The app must comply with current law on personal data. The app should also be capable of being used more generally e.g. in terms of other work instructions related to care such as instructions on the use of various welfare technological aids.

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Susanne Rye  Møller

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My Video Coach

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