Patient@home was terminated per. 1 February 2018


What is Patient@home?

Patient@home is Denmark's largest welfare-technological research and innovation initiative with focus on new technologies and services aimed at especially rehabilitation and monitoring activities within the Danish public health sector


Through an interdisciplinary and public-private project collaboration between health professionals, patients, private enterprises and research institutions, Patient@home is developing a number of new welfare-technology products and services that will contribute actively to the reduction of both the number and duration of admissions to Danish hospitals.



The goal is, during the life of the project, to develop 40 new products and services that will support the health sector's growing need for better and faster rehabilitation, more outpatient treatments and hospitalizations of patients in their own homes. The development of technologies for these purposes will minimize the pressure on, not least, hospital financial and human resources as well as increase patients' active involvement and motivation to take responsibility for their own health.


In addition, the technologies will ensure that healthcare professionals throughout the sector can get both valid and consistent data for the assessment of the individual patient's need for treatment. Furthermore, Patient@home gives Danish enterprises access to the latest knowledge, laboratories and real-life testing facilities, so that they can get the best starting point for building strong international market positions in terms of innovative and intelligent welfare technologies and services.


Collaboration ensures relevance and impact 

The project's major focus on close collaborations with health professionals, patients, private enterprises and research institutions ensures relevance and impact of the developed products and services. This form of cooperation is a guarantee that all products and services are designed in accordance with the users' needs and acceptance, and that all results are based on the latest research results as well as on the companies' and especially the hospitals' development and business plans.



Contact PersonNatalie 

Natalie  Lundquist

Project Coordinator

Syddansk Universitet, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Instituttet