Detection of Body Fluid

The project was completed in 2015

Completion, testing and evaluation of existing technology for detection of fluid loss – aimed at new target groups

20140224_kropsvæskeThe company Astrid Leisner & Son has developed and sells textiles, bedclothes for example, with built-in water detector indicator alarm - primarily targeted at people with enuresis problems (incontinence). This means that an alarm is triggered if a sensor detects a leakage of body fluid. Astrid Leisner & Son also learned that other target groups have purchased the technology, but for other medical purposes, e.g. detection and warning in relation to vomiting, sweating, wounds, abrasions, blood losses, etc.

Objectives and results
Therefore, the Patient@home project "Detection of body fluid " is exploring ways to develop technologies from Astrid Lesiner & Son and adapt them to patients in their own homes . The project examines, among other things, whether new target groups can become patients in their own homes, if detection of leaking body fluid is implemented. In addition, such measures may ensure early detection and alarm of fluid loss, thus making it possible to be patient in own home. The main aim is to create a safe and comfortable night's sleep for patients.


The project will start early 2014 and initially be engaged in screening potential cases and patient groups in collaboration with Technological Institute and Southern Denmark Health Innovation. The screening will involve health experts.


The project is expected to lead to the following results:
- Development, testing and adaptation of technologies aimed at specific target groups
- Direct involvement of patient groups in the development and testing activities
- Production and sale of one or more new products adapted to specific patient needs


Astrid Leisner og Søn

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Teknologisk Institut, Center for Velfærds- og Interaktionsteknologi

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